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Digital DJ Pool was the first online record pool to break on to the scene in the early 2000s. We began work on our music pool as soon as rumors of the original Final Scratch started to buzz, and immediately started releasing MP3s to our DJs. Our software, membership, and content has been growing ever since.

Pre-release MP3s for Professional DJs

We're here to help you succeed. Since we specialize in offering music that has yet to be released, we help you become a crowd favorite by debuting the latest tracks. Not only that, we give you unrestricted access to one of the largest MP3 archives in the music pool industry, so you’re sure to always have just the right MP3 at your DJ'ing fingertips

Unleash your musical options

Leave your fans constantly wondering what MP3 you’ll break out next. Keep the party going and the crowds dancing with endless music. Promote yourself in entirely new markets by sharing your remixes and crates with DJs all around the world. Increase your music collection, grow your fan base, and expand your horizons. No restrictions. No limits.

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