Asap Ferg

Asap Ferg

Darold Ferguson, Jr., better known by his stage name ASAP Ferg, is an American hip hop recording artist from New York City's Harlem neighborhood.

Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Asap Ferg & Tujamo - Drop That Work Bad & Boujee Low (Stafford Brothers Mashup)

A pulse-pounding dance-floor stomper.

ASAP Ferg ft Remy Ma - East Coast (Clean)

A$AP Ferg & Remy Ma go hard for their coast.

Usher ft Master P, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Asap Ferg & Travis Scott - No Limit (Remix)

With a line-up like this, there really is No Limit. Usher is joined by the starting line-up of the 2016 Hip-hop All-star team for a remix that rides out like a '64.

Usher ft Master P, Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Asap Ferg & Gucci Mane - No Limit G Mix (Clean)

There seems to be no limit to the success of this track. There also seems to be no limit to the amount of big names on the 'G Mix ' version.

2 Milly ft Asap Ferg & Rick Ross - Milly Rock (Remix Clean)

When you're good in every hood like 2 Milly, you can Milly Rock on any block. The same now goes for Rick Ross and Asap Ferg. The street banger that took over clubs and radio stations gets the remix treatment and now features the MMG boss and Asap artist. The beat and hook stay in place while Ferg sh...

ASAP Ferg-Doe Active (Clean)

Ever since 'Yeezus' dropped, artists have been getting darker and more minimal with their style. A$AP Ferg follows suit for the latest single off his upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape, 'Ferg Forever.' In a way, "Doe-Active" is a return to what Def Jam started...

Juicy J ft Future & ASAP Ferg-Ice (Dirty)

Juicy J's gotta be cold with all the ice he's dealing with in "Ice," featuring Future and ASAP Ferg. Not only are these guys loaded to the 9's with every kind of diamonds available, they're also sippin' on prescription cough syrup over ice. Not enough...

Ariana Grande ft ASAP Ferg-Hands On Me (Clean)

Ariana Grande isn't hiding what she wants with her newest, "Hands On Me," featuring ASAP Ferg. This entire track is about some sexual tension starting on the dance floor and hopefully, according to both Ariana and ASAP, moving to the bedroom. Interestingly,...

Elle Varner ft ASAP Ferg-Dont Wanna Dance (Dirty)

Men, you wanna know what ladies are thinking at the club? Dressed to the nines, double-fisting shots and balancing on killer heels? Ask Elle Varner; she knows what's up. With her track, "Don't Wanna Dance," Elle puts to words what half the women in the...

Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs & ASAP Ferg-Old English (Clean)

While it's clear in Young Thug's new track with Freddie Gibbs and ASAP Ferg that he's a fixture in the drug game, what's not clear is why this song is called "Old English." Sure, the first phrase in the hook and the song itself is "Old English," but these...

DJ Spinking ft ASAP Ferg, Tyga, Jeremih, & Velous-Adult Swim (Clean)

When DJ SpinKing, ASAP Ferg, Tyga, Jeremih and Velous get involved, “Adult Swim” quickly becomes a fiercely lubricated sex session instead of the group of adult-tailored cartoons we always thought it was. But with a voice like Jeremih's, it's likely no...