The Dream

The Dream

Terius Youngdell Nash, better known by his stage name The-Dream, is an American R&B record producer, singer, and songwriter. His co-writing credits include songs with Dear Jayne, "Me Against the Music" for Britney Spears, "Umbrella" for Rihanna, "Single Ladies" for Beyoncé and "Baby" for Justin Bieber.

DJ Montay & DJ Jelly ft The Dream, T Pain & Twista - 6 Minutes (Clean)

With everyone becoming buddy buddy in the Hip-Hop world and working on collaborations left and right, it was only a matter of time before we got a supercut like this one. DJ Montay and DJ Jelly enlist The Dream, T Pain, and Twista for a smooth bedroom theme song that will also turn heads...

The Dream-Black Magic (Dirty)

The-Dream is back and ready to take the world by storm. He's preparing a dual EP that will be released as 'Crown/Jewel.' It will not only have his take on modern R&B but also tracks that he would typically pen for other artists but decided to make his own. It will be a wake...