Travis Porter

Travis Porter is an American hip hop group from Decatur, Georgia. Ali and Quez are step brothers; the two met Strap while attending the same middle school. The three grew up together and in 2006 began exploring music.

Styles & Complete ft Travis Porter - Pop This Get Lit (Original Mix)

The dynamic duo from the Queen City comes correct once again with this peak-time twerker. It may lack a Zoo, but Charlotte has more than made up for it by birthing these two musical monsters.

Travis Porter ft Bankroll Fresh - Damn (Dirty)

There's a time and place for everything. Sometimes you need the orchestration from Kanye West. And sometimes you need the slap in the beat from Soulja Boy. This new track from Travis Porter gets grouped into the latter. The bare production has bass, a piano melody, and enough attitude...

Travis Porter-Faster (Clean)

Did you think Travis Porter would let everyone else have fun at the clubs without them? They return with a new single after a long enough break. Produced by D. Rich, "Faster" gives the ladies at the clubs a pro tip: shake a little bit faster. The song...