Love It

J Smo

Uploaded by jedismo Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Genre Hip-Hop
BPM 94
Key 4A
Length 00:01:40
File MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Type Download and stream


from this music that we made in the dirt down in Tennessee, the seed was soon to bloom, watch it grow and eventually, out grow the bucket, break through and start a ruckus, watch the roots start to spread, get a grip and start buckin’, everything we said we going to do, we’ve done it, from stages under L-trains to motel slummin’, takin’ tips to fill the tank and then on this road we runnin’, another day, another show, while you bump your gums, frontin’, we passed you in the rental, keep the breakfast continental, Hip Hop, don’t stop, from the bars to residentials, slayin’ your potential when this mic nears my dental, sprayin’ knowledge to your mental goes beyond my credentials, now the BUNKS are here, West Coast, out chea! no one saw it comin’ but these Cali skies make it clear, i’m a long way from Coffee County, that’s home, and we were once kids, but we are now grown. i love it when the kick knocks, love it when the bass drops, love it whent he mics hot and when i hear the snare pop, love it when the beats bounce, love a sticky icky ounce, love takin’ stages, spittin’ pages, bringin’ down the house, love it on the West Coast, love it in the Dirty South, loved it when they loved us up in Brooklyn, yeah we made ‘em shout, love it when I’m on the road, love it when i get back home, lovin’ how i have a family that i can closely hold, lovin’ how my wife’s hot, lovin’ how my kids rock, love it when they go to sleep so i can find her sweet spot, love it in the studio, never in a hurry though, let it marinate, perfect the taste, and then let it flow.