Jagger Strut
Original Mix

Tommy Hand

Uploaded by tommyhand Monday, May 07, 2018
Genre Pop
BPM 110
Key 3B
Length 00:03:53
File MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Type Download and stream


Original Move Like Mick Jagger Concept "Jagger Strut! Written/Recorded & released 1996 mp3.com & announced later on mick Jagger's web site during a chat session with one or two famous songwriters around 2009.....You know what happened next..... Strut! Strut! Strut! Strut! STrut! Strut! Strut! STrut! Strut! STrut! STrut! Strut! Strut! Strut! Strut! If Your Out On The Dance Floor And You Need New Stuff Your Old Moves Are Tired & Your Feeling Rough I'll Show You Some Moves You'll Never Get Enough Follow Me Now And Learn What Jagger Does! (Jagger Strut!) Pucker Your Lips & Blink Your Eyes Touch Your Tongue Now Guess Who Am I? Tale A Solo Out On The Floor Pretend Your Mick & You Will Score Swing Your Hip From Side To Side Point Your Finger Towards The Sky Stand Erect SoStraight & Sure Stop & Stare And You'll Endure!...... ....... Now Feel The Power & Touch The Cure Learn To Move Like Mick For Ever More Get Out On The Dance Floor! (Strut! Strut!) Ad Lib) You Ready To Rock N Roll Some More? Rock N Roll!...... Pucker Your Lips & Blink Your Eyes Touch Your Tongue Now Guess Who Am I? Oh Yeah!..... Strut! .......Jagger Strut! Strut! Strut! Yeah! Strut! Yeah Now The Rolling Stones They'd Be They'd be..... Rockin & Rollin" ...All Around The Stadiums! Alright Keith! Ronnie! Billy, Charlie! As Jagger Jagger Struts! Struts! ..........."You Ready ToRock N Roll Some More!!! c1996 Tommy Hand Single Handed Songs ASCAP