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djing since 95 off and on r&b hiphop reggae top 40 currently in upstate NY
Clubs and Bars
  • 411 Lounge
    newburgh ny
  • Half-Time
  • Stadium
  • Sports Rox
    Waterbury, CT, US
  • Venue Cafe
    Waterbury, CT, US
  • Jzs Sports Bar And Lounge
    Middletown, NY, US
Mobile / Wedding DJ
  • Newburgh, NY, US
  • Prospect, CT, US
  • Waterbury, CT, US
  • Newburgh, NY, US
  • Waterbury, CT, US
Tour DJ (for an artist)
  • For What Artist: Michael Marshall ( Dope Life Rebel)
Internet Radio
  • Link to Website: the power trip
Producer / Remixer