DJ Showtime

One of my new favorite spots! Great selection, easy to get around! Digital DJ Pool is in my top 3 sites, SALUTE to you guys. LOVE what you're doing!


DJ Noodles

I really like what you guys are doing with the site. I really like the ability to download crates.



I have subscribed to other DJ pools and Digital DJ Pool lets me keep up with all the new stuff that comes out and hype my crowd up. What sets them apart from other DJ pools is they have a massive archive of music that the others don't offer.


I've used many other sites, but never had the freedom and selection that I have with Digital DJ Pool. I love it. THIS IS THE BEST SITE FOR ANY DJ!


DJ Phoenix Live

When I first joined Digital DJ Pool, I was kind of skeptical. But now it seems to be all I need to keep my library up to date with latest tools of my trade. MUSIC. All these other sites want to give me everybody else's mashup. I like it raw so I can do my own mashup. Nice job Digital DJ Pool.


DJ A-Ron

Digital DJ Pool is a GREAT tool! I urge all DJ's to get on board, It's helped me stay up to date with ALL the hottest tracks out! - A-Ron


DJ Mörder

Digital DJ Pool is the number one source for all your digital music needs. Whether it's EDM or Hip-Hop, you can always rest assured Digital DJ Pool will provide you with all the latest hits and hottest exclusives to keep the dance floor moving.


The Mix Monster- DJ Coach K

Best deal out there for any DJ from Newbie to Pro! I've dealt with other record pools that are double the price and don't even have half of the music I get with Digital DJ Pool. I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found this site, that I had to do my happy dance! Digital DJ Pool allows you to be ahead of the masses when it comes to the current music while allowing you to find the classics as well! Downloads are on Speed demon, because as soon as you click download, you get it with no delay! Plus all the songs are crystal clear, because they don't claim 320 like other record pool, they are 320! Officially my go to record pool!



Digital DJ Pool is my first choice for any Pool I'm in.. It always has what I need when I need it... DOPE!!!


DJ Ruki

Digital DJ Pool has changed my whole DJ career. Best DJ Pool site I have used and don't plan on leaving.


DJ Nefarious

Digital DJ Pool always has the new hits when I need to rock a club.


Dj Ezz

This is definitely the dopest music site out there. I get the latest hits before most people know them in my area. this is exactly what I needed.


Clever LA

Digital DJ Pool not only carries the latest and best songs, it also has many variations of a song such as clean, dirty, and remix versions.


Mr Dee Jay

Digital DJ Pool is my go to place for all my music needs. They are constantly updating their library with all the latest hits. Thanks Digital DJ Pool. - Mr. Dee Jay


DJ Cali C

I love Digital DJ Pool! It keeps me up to date on some of the hottest tracks and remixes available. Its a great community for djs around the world.


DJ J Swoops

As a beginner DJ, I found it very difficult to find a large amount of music, and cheap! I was told by a friend that Digital DJ Pool is my go to for all I'd want to hear, and they were right! I love it!


DJ LoveChild

Digital Dj Pool is my go to site for all the new hot records out there, you'll find everything you need right here!


DJ MoonDawg

Digital DJ Pool is very easy to navigate, preview/download tracks, and the Crate feature is super dope.


Dennis Blaze is my one-stop source for all my club and mixshow bangers. All BPMs covered!



Great site! Very happy how easy and simple it is to join and download! Great selection and user friendly to preview what you want! Glad I joined. I will be sure to spread the word with this DJ POOL! 5 Star RECORD POOL!!!!



I have tried all the Dj record pools out there, and by far "Digital Dj Pool" offers the best variety and easy to use site out there! You can go from Hip Hop, to EDM, to Electro, to Country, to Pop, to remixes, to special hypes and edits, amazing! Best of all, its not going to cost you an arm and a leg to get great quality music - Dj Lo


Adam S

Digital DJ Pool has definitely helped me out in getting more music for a lot less than other sites



Digital DJ Pool provides me with music whenever I need it, wherever I need it.


DJ Twistify

Testimonial? A Dope DJ needs a dope record pool!


Que Da Problem

Digital DJ Pool has something that most dj websites don't have, a team of dedicated individuals that are actually listening to its clients! Its amazing how helpful they have been to me so early in my DJ career. They truly are for the people and the DJ community as a whole. I am thankful for that!


DJ XL _ Texas

Digital DJ Pool makes it easy for me to get in and get out. Nice clean layout, always updated, and mp3's @ 320kbs!!!... The rate is a steal for any pro dj wanting to stay up on the latest from multiple genres.


DJ Dwight Hutson

Digital DJ Pool is a life saver. Last Minute or on the go, I am always prepared and exclusive.


DJ Tek

Digital DJ Pool is beating the competition hands down.


Dj Nomadic

Digital DJ Pool is the perfect tool to create remixes. Instrumentals and acapellas, the perfect combination for mashups and mixes.


DJ Skooba Kane

Digital Dj Pool is a great place to get new music fast.


Danielle Nicole

Digital DJ Pool is an invaluable tool for any DJ!


DJ Mikael

Digital DJ Pool makes a DJ's life easier by keeping you up to date with all the latest music



Digital DJ Pool is, without a doubt, the best record pool online. Daily updates, the best features- and it's the lowest priced! They have all the latest beats and classic jams to keep the crowd movin'.


DJ James

Digital Dj Pool has brought my club and mixshow to a whole new level. I have tried the other pools but this one is off the chain!


DJ Anthony Styles

Digital Dj Pool provides me with the hottest tracks on a regular basis to keep me rocking the crowd! Definitely worth having if you're a working DJ.


DJ Trav

As a new member of Digital DJ Pool, I must say that it is the most streamlined and simplistic DJ pool out there. DJs have enough work performing at gigs and setup/teardown and the website takes a lot of the other work out of being a DJ and provides the best new hits to keep the parties rocking!



When it comes to gathering crystal clear recordings of the newest and freshest songs, Digital DJ Pool is the only place I look!



Digital DJ Pool is a great stating point for any up an coming DJ.


DJ Syxx Figgaz

Many other pools claim to be the best, Digital DJ Pool proves it.


Mix Master Lucky

For me, what puts Digital DJ Pool over the top of the competitors, is the ability to add songs to "crates" for easy download- letting me drop the latest songs directly into my sets on the fly and making remixing that much easier .


Big Ben

I used to subscibe to another DJ Pool service. Once I found Digital DJ Pool, I dropped the old DJ Pool Service like a bad habbit. Digital DJ Pool costs less and gives me more music - it's a no brainer.


Dj Savii

Digital DJ Pool is very simple to use. I love it


DJ Lil Junior

This is the best deal out there for any DJ. Digital DJ Pool allows you to be ahead of the masses when it comes to the current music, while allowing you to find the classics as well! Plus all the songs are crystal clear so check it out!


dj jiggamann

I love all the music at my finger tips.....


Dj Cuz152

Digital Dj Pool is the dopest of em all...period.


The General Leo G

Digital DJ Pool is a great & resourceful tool for the novice to the professional!


DJ Kool Roc

Nowhere in the Internet will you find a record pool of this quality, for a price this low!


DJ Mike Ceeza

Digital DJ Pool provides me with the freshest new tunes and exclusive remixes and blends that I utilize in every set.


DJ Dirty Rae

I get all the newest jams from Digital DJ Pool! It is definitely the best dj pool out!


DJ Crysieee

Digital DJ Pool has really helped me discover new music as well as innovative twists on older stuff. The site is great for thinking outside the box and making awesome mixes because of the great music provided.