I Call You Still Calling by Marcus Svensor Download

I Call You Still Calling
Nefarious Theremin Mix

Marcus Svensor

Uploaded by Marcus Svensor Friday, February 18, 2022
Genre House
BPM 127
Key 11B
Length 00:06:35
File MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps


2021 REMASTERED VERSION A retake of our Original track "I Call you". Featuring that lovely Original Spanish guitar hook, now filtered and added some really cool analogue Theremin. Any DJs out there that want a Promo copy, send us a message. WRITTEN BY: GARFIRTH / AGUDO LYRICS BY: Lincoln C Garfirth © MARCUS SVENSOR COVER ART: THE MASKED AVENGER BASS & MELODIC KEYS: JAUME AGUDO & LINCOLNG BEATS: LINCOLNG PROGRAMMING & MIXING: LINCOLNG VOCALS WRITTEN & RECORDED BY: LINCOLNG ENGINEER: LINCOLNG for SOUND TECHNOLOGY MASTERING BY: MAJOR.DECIBEL ?&© Soul shift music LLP / Cheeziemash Recordings / Marcus Svensor


jsmooth12 3/2/2022 9:50 PM

nice job

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