10 2 10 by Big Sean Download

10 2 10

Big Sean

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Genre Hip-Hop
BPM 114
Key 9m
Length 00:03:22
File MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Type Download and stream


Big Sean knows the value of hard work - the Detroit native has put in his fair share over the years of his climb to fame. He also values the hard work of others who do not always get their due, as evidenced in his single "10 2 10" by the line "I woke up workin' like a Mexican. That means I work from 10 to 10!" If that doesn't indicate a passion for workers' and immigrants' rights, I'd like to know exactly what does. Big Sean is so committed to his beliefs that he spends most of the song shouting. What a show of solidarity! Just kidding, he's really bragging about the gratuitous spoils of his labor and invoking jealousy among his peers over an ominous No I.D. beat. "10 2 10" appears on Big Sean's latest full-length album "Hall of Fame" which dropped back in the summer.

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