Turn Down 4 What by DJ Tee Oh & Lil Jon ft TI, Future, & Too Short Download

Turn Down 4 What
Hijackerz Hype Remix

DJ Tee Oh & Lil Jon ft TI, Future, & Too Short

Monday, June 09, 2014
Genre Remix
BPM 100
Key 5d
Length 00:03:45
File MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Type Download and stream


Lil Jon's "Turn Down 4 What" is topping charts all over the place, even with his colleagues apparently, as they've created yet another remix to the shout-rapper's popular tune. This version of the ever-popular twerk anthem, re-worked by Hijackerz Hype, features snippets from other hip-hop creations about similar situations in the club, including Jon and the Ying Yang Twins' "Get Loose," T.I.'s "Ball," and Lil Jon's track the the Eastside Boyz, "Put Yo Hood Up." Somehow, these hits combined with the irresistible beat from the original "Turn Down 4 What" and a collection of remixed rhythms create a remix even catchier than the original, though many might not think it possible. With summer fast approaching and weather finally encouraging late-night dancing, you can bet at least one version of "Turn Down 4 What" will find its way onto the DJ list no matter where you are.