19,999 Women by Too Short Download

19,999 Women
Intro Clean

Too Short

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Genre Hip-Hop
BPM 100
Key 12m
Length 00:03:52
File MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Type Download and stream


Too Short is a hoe, which is increasingly clear with his new track, "19,999," in which he proclaims that he's had sex with only one fewer than 20,000 women. Hope he's got a list to back up his idea that he's the Will Chamberlain of the sex game. Apparently no one is safe from Too Short's game, including "your mama," who it seems he met and turned out at a pool party. "19,999" promises that if anyone has beef with Too Short, it's about something he's done with a woman, since that's all he really does or cares about. It's nothing new for a rapper to brag about his hoe train, but come on, Too Short...19,999? Prove it.