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Dark Horse
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Katy Perry ft Juicy J

Uploaded by tallcans Monday, September 01, 2014
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Even though Juicy J is giving 2 Chainz a run for his money as everyone's favorite guest artist, who saw this collaboration with Katy Perry coming? Yes, a Katy Perry and Juicy J song happened, and it's called "Dark Horse" - talk about worlds colliding! Maybe that's why the song has two distinct sounds: dreamy and airy, like Katy, with fluid intervals of a bouncy trap sound, laden with 808s and finger snaps, akin to Juicy J's Southern rap roots. It just goes to show, sometimes the most unlikely combinations are the ones that end up being surprisingly harmonious. That being said, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope Katy doesn't pull a Miley and try to twerk. This is definitely one of those instances in which one shouldn't color too far outside of the lines, so to speak. "Dark Horse" is the second single from Katy's upcoming release "Prism," which will be out on Oct. 22nd. Stream Katy Perry's trap-lite offering here, then watch Katy and Juicy J's live performance of "Dark Horse" at last weekend's 2013 iHeart Radio Music Festival, below. Written by Stephanie Vaughn


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