I Cant Give You Anything But Love by Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett Download

I Cant Give You Anything But Love
Kemal Golden Remix

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett

Uploaded by rp360music Friday, November 21, 2014
Genre House
BPM 120
Key 11m
Length 00:04:46
File MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Type Download and stream


There was nothing wrong with the original, snappy single from Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. But just like they put their own take on the Jazz standard, Kemal Golden created his own version of "I Can't Give You Anything But Love." The slow tempo love song gets transformed into an upbeat, leg swinging tune that would have fit one of Gatsby's fictional yet extravagant parties. Kemal keeps snippets of the original just before the drop and you're transported back to a Flapper party in the 1920's. Kemal gave this remix everything and love.


DJRalphAlvarez 11/21/2014 9:45 AM

Awesome Remix!!!

bovaz29 12/4/2014 9:22 AM

I really like the break, where the sax kicks in. It has a different sound, and it's different than a lot of breaks on others tracks.

DJStonedMichael 12/1/2016 4:08 PM

I call em dropouts. Clears a dance floor quick