Fabrikate Interview

May 3, 2016

In the modern era of dance music, sometimes what people don't know seems more important than what they do. Many artists forgo traditional things like managers, labels, web-sites, and pictures of themselves. Yet despite lacking all of these seemingly necessary tools, they are making quite a go of it, with full tour schedules and staggering Soundcloud statistics. We came across one of these new breed industry slayers through their recent release on Armada Music. While the DJ / Production team Fabrikate may not offer much about their identities, they are offering more than enough in the from of brilliant bass house to be get their trademark welding masks in front of thousands of screaming fans in the years ahead.

Given the lack of information on offer, we decided to have some fun with this dynamic duo and they were sporting enough to play along. Get to know, or not know Fabrikate…

You wear masks because of a chemical accident that has left you with a face for radio. Tell us this story:

We’re big on facelessness, as you can probably tell. It’s a fun gimmick but it also relates to our view on music being separate from its maker. ONE of us took that idea a little far and decided to wash his face off completely with soap. It took all night and 19 bars of Dove, but sure enough he came out of the bathroom with a clear sheet of pink skin in place of his face. Naturally, the other one fell to the ground laughing horrifically without stopping for weeks. When the fit finally ended, his cheeks were on the top of his head. So we said, might as well wear masks.

You wear masks because your eyes were damaged during a solar event that involved private space travel.Tell us about that day:

There was one rule on the private space plane: do not, under any circumstances, look directly at the sun. But we wanted a quick tan and how often do you get to orbit the sun? Was it worth it? Yes, definitely not.

You wear masks because you're successful 'Adult' Actors and don't want to blow your identity? What are your stage names and why?

We can tell you, but then we’d have to f*** you.

Of all the producer / DJs who hide their identity (Other than you) who has the best get-up and why?

Definitely Deadmau5 (pre-Disney litigation). Rumor has it that he even has a fan in there. He did it right.

From a performance perspective, we really dig your take on the mask. It's classic, breathable, leaves a perfect eye-line for DJing, and if your manager forgets it, you can always grab a spare at Wal-mart. Of all the producer / DJs who hide their identity (Other than you) who has the least functional, and why?

One of us used to drive a 1991 honda accord that only played cassettes. It was so inconvenient that to this day he can’t even stand looking at cassettes. So big props to the Dj duo Cazzette for wearing them as their heads on stage, night in and night out. We wouldn’t be able to.

We have to assume that the legs in your logo are your own. As a couple of seemingly sporting fellows, how do you keep them so silky smooth? Tell us about your morning regime, what's your secret?

We like to start every morning sipping on a fresh cup of mountain dew as we shave our facelessness with organic wood scented shaving cream. Our servants then massage our thighs, calves and feet using truffle oil. We follow it up with a series of coordinated leg exercises such as squats and splits till we sweat out all the bad leg fluids. The typical working man's morning routine, basically.

Are you concerned that with your increasing success, hoards of hopped up fans will begin accosting welders all over the world in search of an autograph? How do you see this playing out?

It’s already happening. We won’t say too much about it but rest assured, it’s no accident.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the welders of the world?

Just keep on welding, because no one really does it like you.

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