JEKKA ft. Yura Makarychev - City of Night (Video)

July 8, 2015

Russian producer and vocalist, JEKKA, is making an impression with her debut video, "City of Night." More than just a simple video, "City of Night" is much closer to a short movie, complete with a title shot, plot twist and even end credits. Initially similar to your average, "out clubbing" video, "City of Night" doesn't end at the door of the bar, instead following its protagonists home and setting up a finale reminiscent of a modern day horror movie.

It may be called "City of Night," but this track from JEKKA is no accompaniment to a night of fun and high energy. Even if you can't add the song to an ultimate night out playlist, though, its captivating musical composition and enchanting vocals make it just as mesmerizing as any foreign electro-synth track, meaning it's more than worth a listen, or several.

Shanna Gibbs writes stuff, watches Netflix and dreams about her triumphant return to New York. And she's on Twitter: @BananaintheCity.