Pete Down Interview

February 8, 2017

Pete Down is renowned as one of the most unique producers on the scene today. His remixes bring a stylish edge to today's top hits, and they've been filling clubs for over a decade. Pete has the uncanny ability to turn any track into a dance floor smash that gets crowds on their feet and keeps them moving. Whether it's a nightclub, concert, festival, or exclusive party, you can be sure that Pete Down's remixes will bring the heat.

We had the chance to catch up with Pete Down to learn about his process and what keeps him motivated in his career. Check it out below!


Hi Pete. Thanks for taking time to talk with us. Firstly, how do you decide which tracks to remix?

First I look for new releases that I'm feeling. Then I look for new tracks that are charting and feel I'm going to need edits of.

What features make a track good for a remix? Do you hear it in your head before you make it?

Sometimes I do. I'll be listening to a song in my truck and start thinking what I'd like to do to it.I like to work on tracks that aren't too busy, then add my own flavor to them.

Your Ed Sheeran remix seemed to be out about 5 minutes after the original! How long does it normally take you to finish a project?

Normally anywhere from 2-3 hours, but sometimes longer, depending on how much I do with it.

What remix secrets would you like to share with producers who are just starting out in the industry?

Get a good quality DAW that you feel comfortable using and learn as much about it as possible. Oh, and have fun!

Is there a classic track you'd like to have a go at remixing, but haven't got around to yet?

Man there's so many. But the first one that comes to mind is Kool and the Gang - Fresh.

Finally, you're Pete Down. But I don't want to focus on what gets you down. What gets you happy?

Some down time with my family and PIZZA! LOL

Keep up with Pete Down on his Instagram, website, and Twitter.