Show and Prove with KIDSIXTH

February 24, 2016

The Bay Area is the home to a lot of talent in music. But what may go overlooked are the DJs. Luckily the internet gives us a good chance of finding those dope DJs when they upload practice sessions like the one below. Featured is KIDSIXTH who also goes by DJ Steez O. Judging by his Instagram, the DJ and producer reps the Bay Area to the fullest and is heavily into basketball and the other elements of Hip-Hop.

Only equipped with Shottadubz Looper V.1 and a "And it goes a little something like this…" vocal sample, KIDSIXTH provides plenty of techniques and patterns that DJs should be busy practicing for weeks. For about three minutes he uses different parts of the phrase, skipping to them or letting the record run its course. He has a firm understanding of what each part could sound like with a scratch. Also as the beat changes, he switches up the speed of his scratches which shows how much he's listening not just to the vocal sample but also the control record. You should note not just his turntable hand movements but also when he chooses to use the cross-fader and when he doesn't. There are some minor mistakes and he may repeat a few scratches here and there but that's the nature of recording a live session. Watch until the end to see him get a little more challenging with the scratches.

Keep up with KIDSIXTH on his Twitter and Instagram.