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Check out some of these west coast artist like: Madd Pupp, Dogman Compton, Menace Burna, SinTex, The W.C. Skratch Gang and W.C. Renegade at the all new Startin' Frum Skratch Records West.
Clubs and Bars
  • The Calico Bar & Grill
    Lancaster, CA, US
DJ Battles
  • DMC Los Angeles (1989)
Tour DJ (for an artist)
  • For What Artist: I Smooth 7
  • For What Artist: Dogman Compton
  • For What Artist: MC Eiht feat. Compton's Most Wanted
  • For What Artist: Madd Pupp
  • For What Artist: Menace Burna
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Bedroom DJ
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