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It's the return of the real DJ/Producer/Remixer/Host. I could tell you how long I have been doing this, but that might give away my age. I am a fan of Hip-Hop and most of the music types around it. I ... more
Mobile / Wedding DJ
  • Washington, DC, US
  • Knoxville, TN, US
  • Charlotte, NC, US
  • Detroit, MI, US
  • Hampton, VA, US
  • Atlanta, GA, US
Tour DJ (for an artist)
  • For What Artist: Shae' the Grand Diva (88' to 95')
  • For What Artist: 211 (99' to 01')
  • For What Artist: Eddie Black (01' to 02')
  • For What Artist: Koinonia (The Band) (97' to 98")
Internet Radio
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Producer / Remixer