Safeguard your sound with the only backup service made just for DJs.

My DJ Cloud is a fast and effortless solution, with mobile streaming,
and features built for DJs, all at a fair price.

A tool for DJs who love their music collection.

A tool for DJs who love their music collection.

A DJ's music library is the result of countless hours of digging, searching, creating, editing, and curating. The result is the embodiment of the DJ as an artist. My DJ Cloud is your library's insurance policy.

A tool for DJs who love their music collection.

Cloud storage and backups for DJs

Set up in just a few clicks

Install and choose which DJ application you use. Simple as that. Nothing new to learn.

Works like magic in the background

Continue with your existing workflow. We'll back up every change you make - from whatever app you're using.

On your laptop and in the cloud

Your music where you need it, when you need it. And in the cloud when you don't.

Made for DJs, by DJs.

Step 1

DJ metadata and file backup

All your tags, cue points, crate updates, files, edits, and every other library change are automatically backed up. No effort required.

Step 2

Quick Sync

Our sync technology really is quick. Just download our app and select the folders you want to back up. That’s it.

Step 3

Smart Sync

We only sync when you're not DJing. The last thing you need is resources being taken up when you're performing.

Step 4

Mobile streaming

A mobile app built with DJs in mind - search by any of the metadata associated with your music.

Step 5

iTunes support

For DJs using iTunes to manage their music, it just takes 1 click to add your iTunes library to your cloud.

Step 6

Emoji support

You spoke and we listened. Feel free to name your files and crates with emojis.

Like an Insurance policy
for your DJ library

My DJ Cloud protects against:

Hard drive failure
Stolen devices
Lost external drives
Missing backups

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