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Old school DJ original Disco King from 1600 Sedgwick Ave (Boogie down Bronx), shout out to the original Disco Kings " DJ Kriptanite", "DJ DOC LA Rock", "DJ Kool Fudge", "MR. TNT" and "MC Johnny Dee" T... more
FM Radio
  • (WFID, 95.7)
    Rio Piedras, PR, US
  • AFFES (, 102.3)
    Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico
Clubs and Bars
  • Fords Wonder Bar
    Indianhead, Md
  • Executive Playhouse
    Bronx NY
  • Green Akers
    Indian Head, MD
  • Lamont's Entertainment
    Indian Head, MD
  • Strawberry's
    Goose Creek, SC
  • Galaxy
    Bronx NY
  • Sparkle
    Bronx NY
  • Jazzco
    Jacksonville, Florida
  • Mwr
    Mayport, Florida
  • Roosey's
    Puerto Rico
  • Play Pen
    New London, Ct
  • Mr. P's
    Jacksonville, Florida
  • Mwr
    Groton, CT
  • Cecil Field
    Jacksonville, Fl
  • Perks
    Harlem, NY
  • Mwr
    Staten Island, NY
  • Soft Touch
    Brooklyn, NY
Mobile / Wedding DJ
  • Hudson, TX, US
  • Gouldsboro, ME, US
  • Ashland, AL, US
DJ Battles
  • Mixmaster Blackjack VS Grand Wizard Theordore Old School Battle at the Galaxy in the Bronx ()
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