Baby Bash

Baby Bash

Ronnie Rey Bryant, better known by his stage name Baby Bash, is an American rapper. From 1995-98, he performed under the stage name Baby Beesh, as part of Dope House Records, after which he changed the last part of the name to "Bash."

Baby Bash ft Akon - Baby Im Back (Christofi Remix)

Remember Baby Bash? It's okay if you don't. Christofi is here to reintroduce you to the rapper behind "Cyclone" and other smooth R&B tracks. The California based producer took the original and kept most of Akon's parts to match the new House feel. The rhythm has a stronger...

Baby Bash ft Baeza-Certified Freak (Clean)

First news here is that Baby Bash is still alive. Second, he and Baeza are all about the "Certified Freak," and if you're unsure what that means, they explain it well in their new track. First of all, this woman doesn't reserve her freaky moves to the...