Dorrough Music

Dorrough Music

Dorwin Demarcus Dorrough, better known by his stage name Dorrough Music or "Six 3", is a Platinum Recording American rapper and songwriter. He is best known for his singles "Walk That Walk", "Get Big", "Ice Cream Paint Job", and "Beat Up The Block". He is also known for a series of 6 mixtapes and 2 studio albums.

Dorrough Music - Japanese (Clean)

Dorrough Music has come a long way since "Ice Cream Paint Job." He's been branding himself as not just a party rapper but also an emcee. This latest single is a mix of both worlds. The beat is a driving street beat that has keys, bells, and a minimal amount of drums. He covers a myriad of topics of....

Dorrough Music - Go Season (Clean)

Dorrough Music comes and goes with national hits. But in Dallas, he's a mainstay. His city loves him so much that they had him come up with the entrance song for the Dallas Cowboys ("Our Time"). Now that he's had some more time on his hands, he has put the finishing touches on...