Fatman Scoop

Fatman Scoop

Isaac Freeman III, better known by his stage name Fatman Scoop, is an American hype man, hip hop promoter and radio personality famed for his on-stage rough, raw loud voice.

Fatman Scoop & Knowledj - Plur (Original Mix)

If you haven't jumped on the PLUR bandwagon, you couldn't have found a better time than now. The peace, love, unity, and respect wave in Dance music is an unstoppable positive force that's all about the feel good aspects in the culture. To help celebrate that, Fatman Scoop and his official...

DJ Mesta ft. Fatman Scoop - Let Loose (Original Mix)

DJ Mesta, Fatman Scoop and Shalli B&L don't hold back in their original mix, "Let Loose." These three are dead set on partying, and it's obvious in their lyrics, which literally only pertain to dancing, partying, rocking...