DJ Nelson: Brooklyn Rooftop 2017

June 8, 2017


Many people travel across the world to visit New York City and get pictures in iconic places. The Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square,  a funny guy in his underwear and cowboy boots, you know the drill.

But not many people are DJ Nelson. There is only one in fact, and he really knows his way around a pair of turntables.

The DMC Champion from France has come to New York, and did much better than subway selfies with Cookie Monster. He came through to Digital DJ Pool headquarters and threw down a monster battle routine during a perfect sunset, in front of the worlds most iconic skyline.

Great work if you can get it!

Join DJ Nelson for a raucous trip along the East River as he flip between tracks, genres, and mental states during a fierce 6 minutes of turntablism that had children on passing ferries yelling "Mama, look at that man!"

--Keep up with Nelson on his Instagram @NelsonScratch and his Facebook @DeejayNelson