RUMORS Interview

May 10, 2017


We officially have a new favorite set of masked avengers. Say hello to RUMORS. They're a mysterious production duo with a great sense of humor and amazing musical talent. We'd take a stab at describing their sound, but the description they provided far exceeds any effort we could make at it..

"Just imagine Bruce Springsteen and David Guetta had a baby and then that baby dropped out of school and learned how to steal cars from Johnny Cash."

Well played! We had a chance to catch up with them at a top secret location. It was dark, quick, and we weren't sure if we'd make it out alive. But we did! (barely) and here's what we found out... 

So let's just start off with the most obvious thing when looking at your press shots. The all-black hoodies. What's your view on the the theory "The darker the hoodie, the sweeter the juice"?

We thought you would never ask... You better believe it! Who doesnt love all black everything?

On to the masks, which I'm sure you get asked about all the time. From what we can tell they look to be forged in a cross-fire hurricane. Is this the case, or where did they come from? Is there any significance you want people to know about? 

The masks are something pretty personal to us...and there is definitely a significance. Don't think we're ready to reveal all of that just yet though.

***At this point of the interview, their 500 pound bodygaurd Boris gave us a heavy look as if to say "your next move could be your last". We ignored it.

They seem to be very unique and expensive. Is this something you want to be yours alone, or do you envision handing out plastic versions to fans in hopes of seeing a stadium full of shiny faces?

We do think these are unique to us and our style,  but that sounds pretty amazing and I'm sure we are going to be doing something along those lines... Actually when the light hits our faces we illuminate and that would be epic to see that in the crowd as well.

It's clear from your bio, that you like to have a lot of fun with the 'fame game'. What's your take on promoting yourself, and finding the balance between enjoying the art and making smart business moves? 

It's a difficult balance. We don't like self promotion at all. We'd rather just make music and let that be our voice. Unfortunately, that's not always possible lol.

Aside from your own work, you have written some big tunes for other artists. Do you find the satisfaction, greater, lesser, or equal to see a song take off that you wrote for yourself, or one that went out under a different act? 

 Shhhh...that's how rumors start!! Lol. We love creating great music no matter who it's for! We've had some amazing opportunities to create with ...and for some artists like The Chainsmokers, Lindsey Stirling, Oliver Heldens, Audien, to name a few. It really is all about making great music with our friends. 

Now that the RUMOR is getting out (See what we did there?) do you expect to keep writing for other artists, or focus solely on your own projects? 

As things start moving faster for RUMORS...we'll definitely need to put more time into it. We love making all kinds of music though...and not all of it is right for our we'll definitely continue to work with other artists as well. "

Lastly, if you were to describe your sound in a very short story, how would it go?  

"Once upon a time, there were two friends who loved music...and were out for revenge."


'Nuff said! Thes guys scared the heck out of us, and we love them for it. To hear more RUMORS start by taking a gander at their fantastic new video for 'Look Out Below'.