Show and Prove with DJ Jazzy Jeff

April 9, 2015

DJ Jazzy Jeff is a living OG. Plain and simple. The Philadelphia DJ and producer may have started his career with the Fresh Prince aka Will Smith many years ago, he's now recognized and respected as his own force in the music world. From becoming a playable DJ Hero character to earning multiple accolades (two Grammys, several platinum records) and collaborations with artists like Big Daddy Kane, Method Man, and Raheem DeVaughn, there are few things that DJ Jazzy Jeff hasn't accomplished. Most recently, he's been documenting his frequent travels around the world in his web series, Vinyl Destination. His production company, A Touch of Jazz, has lent its talents to old and new artists and is currently developing a fellow Philly artist, Dayne Jordan.

For this edition of Show and Prove, DJ Jazzy Jeff rocks with the classic Run DMC song, "Peter Piper." Set at Serato's HQ in New Zealand with the Rangitoto Island as the backdrop, the set combines the latest products (Serato DJ, the Rane Sixty-Two mixer, Pioneer PLX-1000 turntables, and DDJ-SP1 controller) with the skills of one of the best to do it since DJing was a thing. The level of variation of scratches and transitions that he performs with is extremely uncommon. He cleverly loops a scratch from the original track at one point and throughout, the mixer feels like it's a part of his very heartbeat since it comes so naturally. Forwards, backwards, one syllable, or a whole line of lyrics. There's nothing Jazzy Jeff leaves unexplored. He even shows his mastery of the controller by ending with his twist on the line, "God damn that DJ made my day," by switching it to "That God damn DJ made my day." Somewhere in heaven, Jam Master Jay is smiling.

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