Table Turns is Back for Round Two

March 6, 2017

The TableTurns events of the late 90's gave guests an up close and personal look at the world of turntablism. DJ's tested and perfected their routines, and got genuine feedback from their peers. Thanks to DJ Roli Rho, and the team at Open Faders, the TableTurns events are back in action for a new generation.

On top of getting an exclusive viewing of great performances, guests of TableTurns get an intimate look at the method behind the turntablism madness. Using classic techniques, as well as unexpected, unconventional methods, the DJ's at TableTurns deliver some truly unique routines.

TableTurns will be taking a month off to prepare for the 2017 regional DMC NY DJ Battle - Sunday, March 19th at Highline Ballroom - but be on the lookout for their next installment in early April.

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