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Westworld Recordings, is a Drum and Bass record Label, specializing in "Liquid Neuro" run by J-Damm (Gordon Broughton). We have been going since 2010 and releases in all the major record shops incl... more
Clubs and Bars
  • Boxx
    Helston, GB
  • White Rabbit
    Plymouth, GB
  • Voodoo Lounge
    Plymouth, GB
  • Clipper Bar
    Camborne, GB
  • Motion
    Bristol, GB
  • Lakota
    Bristol, GB
  • Dance Academy
    Bristol, GB
Festivals and Tours
  • Cadsonbury (2011)
    Callington, GB
  • KIt Hill (2010)
    Callington, GB
Tour DJ (for an artist)
  • For What Artist: J-Damm
Producer / Remixer