Legal / Sub-processors

It's a lot of work being the best DJ Pool platform on the planet. To continuously and reliably deliver our services to DJs, artists, and record labels around the world there are various data processing operations that need to be performed.

Data needs to be processed for ourselves, as well as our users, and our content-owner users process data through our services. Some of our data operations have to be outsourced to third parties. This page provides information about the parties whose services we use in executing our customers’ data processing and for certain of our own data processing purposes. We refer to it as our “Sub-processor List” and each entity on it as a “Sub-processor”. Our current Sub-processors are listed below, along with their role (the nature of the services), where are they located, and where their data processing operations are performed (e.g., where they store the data that we entrust to them, including, where applicable, our customers’ data).

Parties whose services we use for the processing of our customers’ data

Sub-processor Resource/service provided Location of entity
Microsoft Cloud infrastructure (PaaS/IaaS) United States, Inc. Cloud-based customer data platform United States
Intercom R&D Unlimited Company Cloud-based customer support services Ireland

Parties whose services we use for various other data processing purposes

Sub-processor Resource/service provided Location of entity
Slack Technologies, Inc. Instant messaging services United States
Google, Inc. Application analysis services United States
PayPal, Inc Payment provider United States
The Rocket Science Group, LLC (MailChimp) Cloud-based email (marketing) services United States
Facebook, Inc. User aquisition United States
Twitter, Inc User aquisition United States