Doin Dishes by J Smo Download

Doin Dishes

J Smo

Uploaded by jedismo Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Genre Hip-Hop
BPM 88
Key 7A
Length 00:02:16
File MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
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Doin Dishes written and produced by Joshua Smotherman dedicated to the rhymes, flow, you never see me talk to 5-0, in Tennessee the ride was dirty, now I’m Cali - clean, put away the triple-beams, and focus all my energy on building up this dream, i left a gritty team, 2,000 miles East, all alone in the City of Trees, i’m unleashin’ this beast, in the form of these beats, libations for the deceased, a moment of peace…. naw, nevermind, no time to waste, we got to get to it, viscous like the thickest fluids, foundation like some ancient ruins, i’m standin tall, yes i’m makin’ wishes, i’m schemin’ on these plans while i stand here doin’ dishes hook nothin’ changes but the locale, now i’m up in NorCal, lookin’ at a clean slate, bout time to fill these plates, and take ‘em back to Tennessee and feed the family, and show ‘em how we rise above the cards life handed thee devoted, eroded but stay in motion like oceans, yes this potion is lotion, rollin’ like a locomotive, i’m potent, i’m on it, i thought it, i wrote, i bought it, i sold it, i crushed it, i rolled it, all in the name of makin’ money tryin’ to keep this milk and honey on the table, lookin’ for a sunny day but feel like that’s a fable, lookin’ for the brighter side of each and every day, 3 kids, 3 mouths, yes I have to find a way, lonely road up to the top is what I always heard them say, lonely road up to the top is what they always had to say, lonely road up to the top is what I always heard them say, so i hit the road and let the beat play, i’m driftin’ hook