Its Over by Michael Egleton Download

Its Over
Remix Clean

Michael Egleton

Uploaded by megleton Thursday, May 17, 2018
Genre R&B
BPM 60
Key 3B
Length 00:06:37
File MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Type Download and stream


Imagine sitting at the club contemplating and this song began's to play and reads your thoughts like a book! It's Over (The Remix) is a joint originally done on Michael Egleton's first and only project with the TMG record label. Produced by Mr Wes McCraw, Creekside Audio, Norton, OH for the award winning, A Look Into My Heart independent project from Michael Egleton, It's Over (The Remix) tells a story of just that, It's Over! Everyone reaches a point where they just can't take anymore. This song, with it's deep Soul but Bluesy to the emotional background voices, set's the mood for the story to be told. With the sound of a heart beating to the first lick of the distorted guitar, this sound sets the emotions off as it tells an all to common story of many relationships. Horns accompany the guitar and piano as the drums keep time like a clock. Michael Egleton delivers the emotional mail like crooners of old. This song will move you. Bet you can't listen just once...