Sexy Groove by Dani Masi ft Juan Trumpet Download

Sexy Groove
Original Mix

Dani Masi ft Juan Trumpet

Uploaded by Which Bottle? Thursday, December 12, 2019
Genre House
BPM 125
Key 6A
Length 00:04:38
File MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps


Party people, listen up here for 'Sexy Groove' - debut release on our label from international collaboration of Dani Masi from Spain and Juan Trumpet from Colombia! Their new track is as hot as they are and it's made of hot latin esthetics, irrepressible bassline, south rhythms and specially recordered trumpets which will get right in your heart! Unbelievable blend of sexuality, dynamism and massive festival atmosphere which is hooking you since first beat and won't let you go till you click 'stop'. This is another example of really cool hot music just as we like! Volume up!


metrodj 2/12/2020 6:32 PM

Excelente track !!! que energia !1

jsmooth12 8/8/2022 8:09 AM

great job