Snavs Interview features

Snavs Interview

We are made of the earth, dirt, and all that. Thus the phrase, ashes to ashes, dust to dust applies to everyone. Judging by what comes out of the speakers when Snavs is on the set, it sounds like some come from deeper dirt than the rest of us.

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MC Zulu Interview features

MC Zulu Interview

At the intersection of Reggae and Dance music stood one man, MC Zulu, who embraced the blending of the genres early on, only to be turned down time after time when it came to booking shows. But he stuck to his vision of bringing a newborn sound to the attention of others by...

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Soohan Interview features

Soohan Interview

Have you ever taken a break from a hobby and picked it up again many years later? Sometimes in that scenario, you forget all of your bad habits and get to start fresh by reinforcing all of the good ones. One could say that that was the case for Soohan.

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Nosense Interview features

Nosense Interview

When you're a kid, your attention span is short likeā€¦ well a kid's. You're supposed to be restless, adventurous, and hard to control. It's easy to get caught up in something but it's just as easy to lose sight of it once something shinier, louder, or cooler comes along. Thankfully, Nosense never lost that uncontrollable curiosity.

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