Chris Karns Interview features

Chris Karns Interview

Underdog stories are some of the best stories around. Maybe it's because we all fashion ourselves to be underdogs. What is certain is that the more disadvantaged the underdog is, the sweeter the victory becomes. You could say the same for Chris Karns.

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Five New Years Resolutions for DJs features

Five New Years Resolutions for DJs

Resolve to improve your DJ business in the coming year with these simple but powerful resolutions.

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Kronic Interview features

Kronic Interview

What's in a name? That question, originally posed by Juliet to her lover Romeo many years ago, is a very relevant question today regarding genres in music. It's become commonplace for someone to be a fan of Metal and Dubstep or Jazz and House. See how Kronic's story fits right into that narrative.

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DJ Quest Interview features

DJ Quest Interview

If you're a student of the game, whatever game that might be, you better have expectations of becoming the teacher one day. Otherwise, the cycle of extending knowledge to future generations ends with you. One man who serves as a bridge between generations is the legendary DJ Quest.

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