FIGHT CLVB Interview features

FIGHT CLVB Interview

The first rule of FIGHT CLVB is f*ck sh*t up. The second rule of FIGHT CLVB is F*CK SH*T UP. But you should already be familiar with those rules if you've heard their music or seen them perform live. SAV and Mystereo make up the the two man group that is dead set on bringing their brand of Jungle Terror music to a city near you.

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The Wedding DJ Opportunity: Part 2 features

The Wedding DJ Opportunity: Part 2

This blog article explores the specific performance techniques required for DJs to successfully perform at weddings. The blog also explores common pitfalls that wedding DJs need to avoid.

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Apashe Interview features

Apashe Interview

Apashe makes the kind of Trap/Electro House that will have your adrenaline pumping overtime with its eerie melodies and sobering basslines. If you're looking to get into a fight or are planning a Halloween party, be sure to add some Apashe.

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Interview with DJ Ease features

Interview with DJ Ease

When you're good at something, you have a tendency of making it look easy. You're so in tune with whatever you're doing, it's like you've been doing it you're whole life. That's the case with DJ Ease and DJing.

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