If I Cant Have You by Laurent Schark Download

If I Cant Have You
DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix

Laurent Schark

Uploaded by Which Bottle? Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Genre House
BPM 124
Key 3A
Length 00:00:00
File MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps


A collaboration of two Russian artists Dj Vartan and Techcrasher won't stop to deliver quality house music for your parties or playlists! For now  they are back on «Which Bottle?» with new superb remix of great «If I Can't Have You» by Laurent Schark! They saved original atmosphere and these disco vocals but added super cool house groove and new rhythmics inside! Unbelievable blend that will work absolutely everywhere! Just click play and enjoy! Be sure that these guys will be back with more great stuff in near future! https://facebook.com/WhichBottleRecords https://soundcloud.com/whichbottle https://instagram.com/whichbottlerecords https://facebook.com/laurentscharkofficial https://soundcloud.com/laurentschark https://instagram.com/laurentschark https://facebook.com/djvartan https://soundcloud.com/djvartanmoscow https://instagram.com/djvartan https://facebook.com/AlexTechcrasher https://soundcloud.com/techcrasher


SpartyDJ 9/12/2020 2:49 AM

Absolute BANGER

jsmooth12 9/21/2022 7:48 AM

great job